Beyond Facebook

Most days Facebook is totally unsatisfying. I discovered that some guy from high school that I made out with once at a party doesn’t really care about the impact of princess culture on girls. I may get a few “likes” from my feminist friends but it’s hard to get much discussion going. Someone suggested I start a blog, so here I am after about three years of thinking about it and trying to come up with a name. You may be surprised that I thought about a name for years and only ended up with laughing feminist but I’m pretty happy with it. I think it’s hilarious that the name “” was taken but laughing feminist wasn’t. Of course feminists are funny! How else could we survive this crazy misogynist world we live in.

I don’t know much about the blogging world, but I know you funny, smart, socially conscious people are out there and I’m hoping to connect. I’ve been thinking about; parenting, ending violence against women and girls, how awesome the Idle No More movement is, how to love myself, how F- ing hard it is to make an intimate relationship work and how to find balance and time for myself.

Even though I dream about writing, I also have a secret disdain for writers. It seems self-indulgent someone. Like I’ll find myself one day holed up in the attic, smoking, with long grey hair and a beret yelling at the world  “go away I’m WRITING”.  I send myself e-mails with story ideas and keep notebooks full of funny stories to avoid actually Writing anything. My friend pointed out the irony in the fact that one of my favourite things to do is read and I LOVE BOOKS but have a weird thing about writing.  Oh well maybe this will help me get over it. After all, I’m not writing I’m just blogging!!

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